For those of you who love the idea of making the most of  everything your garden has to offer and more, Johanna Knox's book: A Forager's Treasury - A New Zealand guide to finding and using wild plants would be a fab Christmas gift so start dropping hints!
I attended Johanna's workshop at Nelmac Garden Marlborough this year and learned some fascinating facts about foraging - both within the garden and in the wider community.
Here's a link to my story on Stuff - don't be too confused by the photo of the Heliotropium arborescens the Stuff editors have used though; it has nothing to do with the story and I'm not sure if it's edible (so wouldn't recommend trying it without researching it first)...but it looks pretty on the page!
The picture to go with the story is this one of the borage growing wild in my orchard - while I knew borage flowers were edible, I learned from Johanna that the leaves are also a juicy treat.
Johanna is on Facebook - check out her page, A Forager's Treasury.


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