It’s official; aphids are the new cockroach in terms of indestructibility, well, at least in my garden.
Several weeks ago I noticed an infestation of yellow aphids on my swan plant. Due to the absence of monarch butterflies in the garden over summer, the swan plant turned into more of a swan bush than the usual scraggy, caterpillar-covered half-dead stick. Judging by the amount of aphids on the plant, it was obvious they'd got their species confused, and thought I’d planted it solely for their benefit rather than for the monarch caterpillars. I thought a few sprays of soapy water would disabuse them of that notion rather quickly, and walked away thinking I’d dealt with the issue, especially when I resprayed a week later to catch any I’d missed. Last weekend I happened to be poking round that side of the garden again and noticed there are just as many aphids as there ever were. They haven’t minded the rain, the frosts or the winds, let alone my soapy water. On the bright side, they are rather pretty, and at least while they’re over that side of the garden they’re leaving my veges alone …



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