Well spring has definitely sprung - and nowhere is it more evident than in the flourishing weeds in my garden. I'm definitely fighting a losing battle against the weeds at the moment and am prioritising - sticky weed, convolvulus and anything with a seed head that might be thinking of spreading itself further are the first to go.
However, weeds aren't the only thing flourishing in the garden; my self-seeded rat-tail radishes are are taller than I am, my brassicas are providing greens for us and the chooks with plenty to spare, the orchard trees have been progressively blossoming for the last few weeks and I've just delateraled my tomatoes for the first time this season and the herb garden's growing like crazy.
The dogs are very much over all this weeding. They reckon on an excitement level, lying at my feet while I'm gardening only just beats lying at my feet while I'm writing. Probably the only reason the gardening option wins is because they get to lounge about in the sun and when outside they can find more justifiable reasons to bark at bogeymen than they can when indoors.


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