Like many others, if the dogs (or I, for that matter) have a health issue, I Google it. While Google is definitely no substitute for seeing the appropriate professional, be it vet or doctor, it helps to get an idea what the problem is, and you can find some really useful background information. So, when the she-wolf recently had an issue with an inflamed anal gland, before we visited the vet, I checked it out online. It's common; if you're a dog owner, you may have come across the issue yourself. 
If not, and you're looking for information, a word of caution: Be very careful about using the aforementioned "a" word and the word "dirty" in the same Google search. You might think you're okay if you've got the word "dog" in there as well ... think again. Keep it very technical people, and you'll find the information you're looking for. When it comes to the practicalities though, a vet's instructions win hands-down over You Tube every time on this one!
Helpful links:
The diagram vet showed me: intestine


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