By The Dog
Firstly and most importantly, face facts. You are not a small dog, and while you may pride yourself on your delicacy and finesse in certain situations (ie checking out what’s on the kitchen bench while pretending you’ve really come for a pat) picking pockets is not likely to be one, due to the size of your nose.
First, use your detection skills, and have a good sniff. If there’s nothing worthwhile in the pocket, save yourself the trouble. If, however, you smell treats, don’t hesitate - go for it by shoving your nose as far into the pocket as you can. 
Note: while this method has some success if the pocket is attached to a human, it won’t take long for the human to realise you’re there. The best you can hope for is that you manage to score a quick treat before you’re scolded. The method works best if you find a pocket full of treats in a discarded piece of clothing, preferably in a dark room where you will be unobserved. Remember not to noisily smack your lips as you eat; humans are very sensitive to certain sounds and tend to investigate this particular dog noise very quickly.


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    A word from the Alpha Bitch

    Okay, I admit it – while I might scoff at dog owners who treat their Poopsies or Schnookums like babies, my dogs also think my name is Mum. I’d like to believe, however, that my dogs also know me as The Alpha Bitch, more commonly known in canine as “the bitch who must be obeyed, dogdammit!” - The AB


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