The dog has discovered asparagus. Not a wise move on his part, as it’s the other half’s favourite vegetable, and pretty high up on my popularity list as well.
 I first noticed him nosing around the asparagus bed after I’d been cutting spears, but didn’t think too much of it. The bed is mulched with straw, and he likes to have a bit of a sniff and scratch in the orchard mulch, fantasising that he’ll come across a rat.
 As I was at the other end of the lawn and otherwise occupied, his telling off for being on the garden consisted of an “Oi!” That was enough to drag him away, although he was obviously reluctant.
 Sunday afternoon my arms are usually laden when I come into the house into the house and last weekend was no exception. A basket full of washing with a handful of asparagus spears on top got left on the back step in favour of taking eggs inside, my reasoning being that eggs at sniff level might just prove too much of a temptation for the dog and she-wolf.
 Both dogs were still outside. Half an hour later, on my way outdoors to retrieve the washing, I noticed the dog snuffling behind the basket with a shifty expression. He dropped what he was doing and scuttled off when he saw me, which raised my suspicions sky high.
 Sure enough, the healthy handful of spears that were in the basket had been reduced to one fat juicy asparagus head.
 Later, when I checked the asparagus patch, I was glad I’d insisted earlier that he leave what I thought was a rat hunt, as I noted the one spear that had had its head neatly severed.
 He hasn’t tried it again, although I’ve noticed he’s become very interested in any baskets of clean washing I leave lying around.


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