Finding two German shepherds humping in your kitchen before 7am is a little disturbing, even when they’re your German shepherds. Yep, the she-wolf is on heat again. As a friend with a neutered male like our boy and an entire female said to us, at least it’s harmless. He’s happily getting some exercise (and yes, it does wear him out) and oblivious to the fact that there’s a little more to the act that the bit he’s doing, and she doesn’t go strolling the streets looking for boyfriends, because she’s got what she belives to be a perfectly serviceable one, so to speak, in her own pack. That’s fine. Outdoors. Like I said, before 7am in my kitchen, it’s a little disturbing.



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    A word from the Alpha Bitch

    Okay, I admit it – while I might scoff at dog owners who treat their Poopsies or Schnookums like babies, my dogs also think my name is Mum. I’d like to believe, however, that my dogs also know me as The Alpha Bitch, more commonly known in canine as “the bitch who must be obeyed, dogdammit!” - The AB


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