For those of you why may think that because I write about my dogs, they’re perfect angels, behaviour-wise, I have just two words: Backyard Champion. If you don’t know the phrase, then congratulations; your dog must be amazing. I’ll bring mine round for lessons.
I recently took the she-wolf to the vet for her annual vaccinations. She’s not a great fan of strangers, the she-wolf, unless they’re visiting her at home, then she’s extremely welcoming, after the initial noisy greetings – mainly because the dog loves visitors and she wants her share of their affection.
Visiting the vet is another kind of situation altogether, in the she-wolf’s eyes. As the vet I saw said to me, personally, she’s not that keen on visiting the dentist. I see her point. In fact, if I happened to belong to a species that communicated with physical action and found grabbing things with their mouth (possibly with a little use of teeth) a socially acceptable way to express disapproval, there may just be an insensitive dentist or two in my past nursing a sore hand.
I’ve found it’s worthwhile taking the time to talk to your vet practice about your little darling’s – ahem – foibles, especially when aforementioned little darling weighs about 37kg and knows that raising her hackle makes her look larger still.
The she-wolf’s two most recent visits to the vet had been a bit hectic for her – once, because she’d sliced open a paw and was feeling a bit revved up about it, and the next time because I’m sure the dog had been feeding her tall tales about what goes on behind closed doors in That Place. I guess he has his reasons. Once upon a time I took him on a day visit and he came home feeling rather woozy and minus his wedding tackle.
So this time we made sure things were different. While the she-wolf went into the surgery convinced the scary vet-person was going to do dire things to her, she came out a little bit bemused, and not really aware she’d just had two vaccinations, but well impressed with herself for making a new friend who had a bountiful supply of liver treats and was more than happy to share them with a dog who was prepared to be friendly.
A patient vet can go a long way towards helping a dog overcome their nervousness.


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